‘Virat and I are male and female versions of each other’, Anushka Sharma on balancing marriage and work


Bollywood met cricket and Virushka happened. Actress Anushka Sharma who tied the knot with Indian Cricket team captain Virat Kohli last year is all out with promotional activities for her upcoming film ‘Sui Dhaaga’ alongside Varun Dhawan. With back to back interviews and interactions on social media, the Pari actress shared on how she balances and perfects her marriage.

Sharma spoke to Anupama Chopra on how she keeps up with the hectic schedule and doesn’t think of her and Virat as a power couple. She also stated that Virat and her are like male and female versions of each other. She said, “Because I think we are both not so attached to what we do. The other day someone asked me a question you know “Power Couple” and “two powerful people from your own industry”. “You know when you are together, how do you manage this and all”. And I thought to myself and I told them also, we don’t see ourselves like that we started to see ourselves that way then there is something really wrong in the nature of our relationship. If someone really wants to have an insight in our lives, we are very simple people, wanting to do normal very simple things.”

The couple has been snapped in romantic gestures in public and have entered a new phase of fame in their respective fields. However, Anushka has a different take on it. She said, “We are both very awkward with the fame that we have we don’t embrace stardom and fame and that’s why, I think, we connect so much. We run away, sometimes, from these things. Sometimes, we find a need to be in our own cocoon. And that’s the reason why we are so self-sufficient. And when I see self, I mean both of us because we don’t see each other as two different people. He and I are male and female versions of each other. Yes, of course, the outer expression might be different, the way people look at us might be different but inside the values are exactly the same. And we both are very spiritual people. First and foremost, we lead spiritual lives and then it is what we do our professions are just what we do. So that’s where we find our strength from. This is our duty, we perform our duty and then we come back.”

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