Sukhwinder Singh on road’s condition in Nashik: Travelling from Ghoti to Shirdi was like undertaking a camel ride


Shirdi: Bollywood singer Sukhwinder Singh has requested the authorities to urgently repair the road from Ghoti to Shirdi in Nashik district of Maharashtra. Speaking to reporters here after visiting the famous Saibaba temple on Tuesday, Singh said because of potholes, the journey which should take one-and-a-half hours by car takes double that time.

“Travelling from Ghoti to Shirdi was like undertaking a camel ride,” he said, saying the road should be repaired urgently. “Earlier this road was like airport’s runway. But now due to the poor condition, it takes at least three hours to reach here. It is said the road was damaged by rain, but then why the roads abroad are not damaged by rain?” he asked. Other roads in the region including Aurangabad to Shirdi via Puntamba are also full of potholes, he commented.

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