Leaked! New pictures from ‘Avengers 4’ reveal Thor-Captain America’s new suit, Iron Man’s new weapon and a huge spoiler


    As the release of Avengers 4 is getting closer, more and more spoilers in the form of leaked pictures are making their way on the internet. Earlier we reported of Hulk’s new look and Iron Man’s new reactor. Now, the pictures hurling on the web are of Thor, Rocket Raccoon, Captain America, Captain Marvel and more.

    In an Instagram post shared a picture of a toy box which features Thor and Rocket Raccoon. The Asgardian and his ‘rabbit’ are seen flaunting matching outfits. The suits remind us of Hank Pym and Scott Lang’s Quantum Realm costumes hinting that the Ant-Man story line will play a huge role.

    Amidst these leaks, film editor Vahn Gharakhani took to Twitter to announce that the Avengers 4 teaser is in the making. He tweeted, “Teaser… IMAX… DMR… #Avengers4.” This was after the Russo Brothers announced that the reshoots of Avengers 4 have been wrapped. The untitled sequel is set to release on May 3, 2019.

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